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07-12-2012, 05:27 PM
It shouldnt be to hard to make an old model ship up to date. Historicaly, and in alot of games and books, high ranking captians have held on to older model ships and had them updated instead of moving to a newer model.

Here are some readymade excuses:
1. A captain with alot of influence commissions a new ship baised on an old hull design.

2. A private company willing to build fully modern ships to any design for the right price.

3. "Weaker" ships being retroft to handle the harsher reality of a hostile galaxy.

4. Old ships of the "mothball fleet" being refit and pressed into service to handle the growing demands of war.

A ship hull is just a skin(armor aside), its the tech that makes it advanced. You could make a giant Saturn V rocket and fill it with enough tech to match a borg cube.

Also, the vulcan D'Kyr is FAR older than the NX but is still a T5 ship. Sure, it was more advanced to begin with, but it must have been upgraded given that is can use transwarp.