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07-12-2012, 05:29 PM
A few notes.

You must a Shadowcat Specialist or higher to contribute to fleet projects. There is a reason for this. If we allowed Initiates to contribute, they could join the fleet, contribute, and leave. While that works for starbase progression, it robs our fleet members the chance to acquire fleet credits.

Only Fleet Masters and Shadowcat Elites can manipulate our projects. What you see when you log in is the system we are going to use. Two tactical projects and alternating science and engineering projects. We will maintain this setup until we have sufficient Tactical Fleet Experience to max it out. We want to get to fleet starships as quickly as possible.

Fleet Marks will be the major hold up for all of our projects. So do fleet events whenever possible to build up as many as you can. The main projects have 20h counters. So you will have time to build up stock as we wait for them to run out.

I'll go back over this and send it as a fleet email tomorrow. That'll give me a chance to finalize some details.

Alecto, I sent you an email in-game to discuss a personnel proposition.
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