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Originally Posted by rybaksix View Post
It seems that only T5 ships that you already got from the C-store are discounted at 75% rate (check patch notes) I cant understand why, if I got Gladius I still have to pay full 4 modules for the Saber (escort retro escort or whatever it confuses the hell out of me)...
That explains a couple of things I did not know.

IF that is the case then it is kinda disappointing that most of the fleets ships are based off the free ships. I know I would love the fleet version of the reconnaissance science vessel but that ship was never on the c-store to be discounted.

I think I understand the confusion over the Gladius.

The Gladius is the Escort refit. The Fleet Escort retrofit is based on the Escort retrofit which is purchased through fleet credit only. Since the escort retrofit is not a Z-Store ship it does not qualify and the Refit version is not the retrofit so no discount again. (I think that is wrong)

The other problem With that is the va token ships. If you got the long range science vessel retrofit you would still have to buy the z-store version to get the discount for the Fleet version. (I feel sorry for long time players with a couple dozen alts)

I personally think the discount should be based on whether you have the ship in your ship yard or not.

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