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Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
If you are looking to purchase a Fleet Ship that has a T5 C-Store version and you already own the T5 C-Store version, you only need to purchase 1 Fleet Ship Module (FSM) instead of 4. If you've purchased a non-T5 ship from the C-Store that has a Fleet Ship version, you will still need to purchase 4 FSMs.


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What happened to fleet ships costing far less than C-Store ships as per Al? According to his interview the massive amount of time and effort was supposed to offset the cost? Not to mention all the incidental monitization along the way through possible dilithium sales to build up the fleet base. Now its costing the full price of most T5 ships on top of all that effort, AND its only for that ONE character.

Further, the reason given for no Excelsior, Gurumba, and Galaxy-X fleet versions was they didn't want to practically give away their special abilities, this price point totally invalidates that premise.  1341951426

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