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07-12-2012, 05:40 PM
So in summary:

Apparently, in order to buy the "good" Fleet ships, requires you to grind a bunch of Fleet Credits (new currency), grind your Fleet Starbase drydock upto level 4 (several months of work), AND pay 4 additional tokens from the "Zen Store", for 20 dollars.

And this, after Al (Geko) claiming that the new Fleet ships would be "inexpensive" due to the costs of having to get to the unlock of the new ships in the first place. Thanks a whole lot, Cryptic.

First you **** up with the Season 6 launch, you remove the Fleet Marks from the invasion zone, AND you force players to pay a bunch of money PLUS grind a bunch of credits, PLUS grind the Fleet Starbase projects to even get the drydock upgraded. Well done. Massive cluster****.