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07-12-2012, 07:06 PM
From the Klingon Point of View .... its a disaster...
1. NO KDF Fleet Ship can get under 4 moduls because none of them was a t5 (20 euro) ship
2. we paid 16 euro for the c store KDF Ships they come to the Fleet Ship System and we should pay 20 again to get the Fleet Version? and the only excuse is that they are no t5 c store ship? Are they Serious?
3. 20 euro for a none accountwide, none console ship is a big nogo but hey! They see that it works with much higher prices. Lockboxships are nonaccountwide too and mostly way over 30 euros (have a 280 euro jem hadar) so we see the new way of STO.
Letz hope thats upcoming ships are not Fleetships ... i dont pay for non accountwide ships anymore after my Jem hadar disaster.

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