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07-12-2012, 06:33 PM
Originally Posted by mirai222 View Post
I think I might as well just assume these ships aren't in the game. I tend to doubt I'll use any of the new fleet starbase features at all. They're just too much of an inconvenience. I'd rather, you know, play the game.

But I suppose the Tholians might be interesting. That's something. (I'll have to wait for the server to settle down a bit before trying those missions, though.)
Me too, the sad thing is my newly formed fleet of long term vets kinda have no idea about this.
I'm guessing we will have a little fun, but most of our interest in the fleet system will evaporate very quickly when they hear that fleet ships are no more than another way to gouge money out of us for very little effort put in by the devs

As for the Tholians, if you have ever done the Borg Deferi event, just imagine the exact same thing but with Tholians instead....