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07-12-2012, 07:00 PM
I'm not terribly happy with the way Cryptic has decided to charge us for ships with incredibly minor changes.

We're not being forced to pay for the ships, there are "free" options but they're significantly worse than the Fleet variations. The biggest problem with the new ships is that they're $20 for a ship that isn't worth $20. They have a minor upgrade in hull/shields and get an extra console slot, but outside of that they're just rehashed ships that we've been using for several years.

The only *new* ships for the Fed side is the Aquarius, an unplayable destroyer with lower base hull, and shields than either T4 Escort, minus a rear weapon! It has no advantage at all to what current ships have(in fact its actually worse) and it still costs $20? I don't understand. The KDF side is hit even harder imho. Of the two BoPs they were given to play the Norgh has 16.5k base hull(its a T3 ship, yay) And the Hoh'sus has next-to-nothing for an increase in hull over the Hegh'ta(about 500?), and looks horrible(at least thats my opinion, I would never personally play a ship that looked like that).

In addition to those problems, I *own* the Tactical Escort Retrofit, yet I still don't get it at a discounted price from the Shipyard.

I realize this needed more testing, and the dev team HAS to make Perfect World happy, but if you're doing it at the cost of the happiness of your paying have a serious problem.

Season 6 is live guys! Lets work our butts off to get our Starbases to the level where we can *pay Cryptic to use the same tired old crap*.

Sorry for the ranting and nerd rage. But it needs to be said.