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07-12-2012, 07:09 PM
So they added the Tac oddy's support ship as something we can fly? interesting.

So, to clear up. When you buy a Fleet ship, you don't even get a new special costume for it. It's the exact same thing, only with T5ish level stats?

Cause I've kinda heard it being said both ways. Fancy new look alongside the stats, and the same old look, but better stats.

Sigh. and the release notes were PARTLY bringing me out of the "Meh STO" level I've been at. This kinda stuff alongside the STF information they've been talking about for a good while, and now going "It'll be way later." does not make me enthused.

Hell, a friend said Cryptic better be releasing big and great stuff, especially with GW2 just around the corner.

Edit: At the very least, I will say it is a nice thought that they are adding in some lower tier looks to Tier 5, it'll definitely make starship events more diverse (I hope at least) instead of everybody being in the exact same escort or cruiser.

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