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07-12-2012, 08:37 PM
Originally Posted by supergirl1611 View Post
You would have to be a complete fool to buy the Nebula and Galaxy if already owned they offer nothing or very little on whats already in the zen store. But yes i see where your coming from. We potential grind and give up resources to the fleet SB missions which could take weeks/months, get in the position where we unlock fleet ships and then comes the slap across the face, by the way you need to purchase 2000 zen to unlock them.

I'm happy at the moment with my Armitage, Galaxy-x and Prometheus
what about the ships that are better because theyre being bumped up from a lower teir? we still payed money (the rhode island comes to mind) and then we have to pay another 20$ on top of that.

and dont even get me started on the pvp aspect....