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07-12-2012, 10:55 PM
Greetings Shadowcat Masters,

I really think that...

  1. All above rank 1 should be able to invite non-fleet members to the fleet, because it helps members promote our fleet and socialise.

  2. All above rank 1 should be able to contribute to the fleet, because new members shouln't be able to take credit away from older active members.

  3. All above rank 5 (Shadowcat Elite and Master) should be able to purchase from the fleet stores, because they've been with us the longest, dedicated the most time and have worked for it, so deserve it.


    Also this gives us more control, if a player wants something from a provisional store they can be temporarily be promoted to Shadowcat Elite to make the purchase and then be demoted at the discretion of the Shadowcat Masters.


  4. Only fleet leaders (Shadowcat Masters) should be able to manage the fleet holdings, because we're the Shadowcat Masters to put it simply and logically.

It's possible we may alter the rule we have in place that grants members access to the Shadowcat Elite rank (positively not negatively) but for now it stays as it is and I haven't made any changes to the fleet permissions Bob set because I want your feedback first.


Made a change to that last one there, reverting it back to allow Shadowcat Elite members to manage the fleet holdings as we realised that most special projects only take 30 minutes to complete so we'll need the extra management, but we also adjusted the rule for promoting Shadowcats up.


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