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Originally Posted by lianthelia View Post
You all ever think there are actual reasons behind classes like the Excelsior and the D'Kyr are still around and why the NX and Connies aren't? Maybe its more than they are old...look at how many NX's were even built...if you include books and all the stuff there was what only a dozen maybe less built.

Technology evolves, ever consider some designs can only go so far and can't accept all these new technologies and would not function correctly? That maybe you can't load a ship to the teeth with 25th century tech without changing the ship...

So they can build a replica of a 250 year old ship...perhaps they can't push it further without modification thus not making it a NX class anymore.

While I understand what you mean, this argument fails because of the starships that *have* been allowed to go on to Tier-5.

My goodness, we have Tier-5 K'a'tingas and B'rels: TOS and TMP vessels, respectivley. If the Klinks can get a B'rel to run at Tier-5, and if the lovable feddies can run an Enterprise-era Tier-5 Vulcan Science Vessel, certainly a Tier-5 Miranda and Excalibur/Exeter would be very possible.