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07-13-2012, 01:15 AM

Updated Federation and KDF starbases to add a little more population to the lower levels.
Resolved an issue that allowed KDF Bridge Officers to beam into the lower levels of starbases.
The Dilithium Exchange now correctly refers to ZEN in the German and French clients.
General server stability updates.
All very important <.<

Nothing addressing why we can't buy from the exchange!! I'd rather have a useable exchange them more NPC's running around the lower levels of my fleet base!

also your trailer trash mickey mouse mining laser contraption UI says Dilithium when mining for crystals!

And with the base projects if your going to use a stack of samples why can't it default to the slider so we don't have to do that 150+ times <.<

and maybe a multiple select option when picking doffs to add to projects, but the adding 150 samples 1 at a time thing is worse!