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You guys had like 3 new streak for federation ships. First the carrier, then the stalker, now another carrier? ARE YOU MAD (as in why only feds)? KDF's newest ships are the Bortasqu' when the Odysses came out. Anyways, federation has more in every subjet than KDF. I dont know if it because they start at lvl 20 or something but its not really equaly fair and somewhat macthed with all the weps they are allowed to use now... powerful ones at that. Also, The Federation has like 20 costumes and Klingons only have 1 (I mean I can understand it a little but there are diffrent races in KDF). PLus, kdf has low amount of species but I guess thats fine due to the fact that races have to JOIN kdf you cant really make some up. I tried my best to say what I needed to say and ill go from that. I am mixed emotions right now.

P.S With Costumes, I mean for Special Buyable ones. Even without counting those... federation has more.

BTW: If akwardly I meet a KDF online, im Ela'kshish (NOT full name)
lol if feds carrier gets a 2nd hanger i think we KDF should get 4 hanger bays on are wishful thinking