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I do understand that Cryptic gets their living from ship sales, but at this point ships are expensive.

so fleet ships are coming out. that makes the retrofit ships somewhat expired (?). the fleet ships are the same price, gets you better stats, one more console slot, and no uniqe console. I must say, if the retrofit prices do not decrease, they do not worth the money (or at least they should give you the retfit skin, because at this point you only get a console).

however the decreased prices would apply for the fleet ships too. you have to grind for it plus you have to pay for it.

I am not saying they should be a lot cheaper, but I would not mind a 500 Zen decrease somewhere (I would say the retrofit, because it is inferior, basically you buy the console)

btw did not cryptic say, that fleet ships will be cheaper? because at that point you have to pay the same, plus you have to get fleet credits, plus you need a fleet with the required military tier, and ship resources (which ideally you will have to help in)