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07-13-2012, 01:07 AM
Originally Posted by thratch1 View Post
Considering how tough they've made it to get up to the Fleet ships anyway, the C-Store ships you already have will do you just fine.
I can't say it is though. the tough part is to get a fleet (yes it is very very very hard to get a fleet long range retro for example, if you start from zero military tier in the fleet, but here then the price reduction would be nice) with military tier X (insert the tier you need). the rest is cakewalk. each ship costs 20k fleet creds (if I did not miss a 0 from the end) and 2k Zen.

in one hour this morning I collected 4k fleet credits, so you can get it in less then a day. while the 2k zen equals some retrofits (which have weaker console, for example the Tac escort retro will be better bought as a fleet ship, because I dont think the cloak is that useful - especially not over the better stats)