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Originally Posted by tehibris View Post
Because people in the USA think that GMT is always "My time + x hours", even in summer time - so you get idiots who say "Oh, GMT is five hours ahead" when they're on Eastern summer time. No, BRITAIN is five hours ahead, but we're at GMT+1, or BST (British Summer Time).

Believe me, it's much simpler just to use UTC (which is by the way the official acronym).

And it's hardly "the Esperanto" of time:
Seeing as UTC is (to all intents) exactly the same as GMT

How can it add anything but confusion.

UTC is supposedly more accurate due to various advances in technology that weren't around when GMT was. . . well fine, why not redefine GMT rather than come up with a whole new name. Just Stupid.

Seeing as the whole idea was American lead, then its probably just another case of Americans attempting to rule the world by rewriting history methinks. I know its the offical Acronym but it still makes no sense . . . in either English or French.

As I said earlier I have never seen UTC used anywhere but STO.
Everyone just calls it GMT, being identical and about 100 years older.