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07-13-2012, 05:49 AM
There's a reason SOB is concentrating 100% of our resources exclusively on Military for the time being (yes, you can only raise 2 military projects at a time, but this keeps the fleet from exerting resources where they aren't needed and military will be raised much faster since we won't have to farm for NEARLY as many resources to get the same result).

Work smarter, not harder. I can't even stand to do any PvE. It makes me feel dirty and bores me to tears. The less I'm forced to do it just to get the effect in PvP I desire, the better.

WTB GW2, where I can advance 100% in PvP and never be forced to so much as touch PvE at all ever in the game if I choose and still come out with the best equipment in the game...

...for free, no less.