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07-13-2012, 06:28 AM
They dont want that we get the ships without spending Real money. We have some ways to avoid spending rl money like dil Exchange , buy it from ec Exchange or waiting for monthly stipend. ( have a lifetime ) so what should they do to get our money? Right! Make the Game to a grindfest so that player with less time need to buy it if they realy want it in any near future. And they kill 2 flies with one hit. The unloved klingons get no Chance of 1 Modul ships so the hardcore Fans buy it and the others hate it and leave klingon gameplay. So cryptic can say again klingon are not worth to developing because noone want to play them.
Cryptic/pwe get some little money for the ships and can justivy no developent.

Sry for the frustrated post...