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07-13-2012, 08:55 AM
What effects 'Target Resist' percentages? Is there something players can do to lower target resistance?
There are many ways to lower target damage resistance, the most common being attack patterns Beta and Delta which both provide -30, -40, -50 damage resist by rank to the target (with 9 in Attack Patterns). Beta is easier to use as it's applied to everything you fire upon for it's duration with a 5 seconds debuff per application (which will give you 100% uptime on a large target with two copies) whereas Delta is more defensive and is applied to targets that fire upon you whilst increasing your own damage resistance and defence score; it has a longer CD however so can't be chained like Beta can.

There are also several Captain abilities that decrease target damage resistance, the most useful being Sensor Scan (Science captains) which debuffs up to 15 targets in the area around your ship. Fire on my Mark (Tactical captains) is also a debuff but is single rather than multi target and doesn't rely on Auxiliary power to make the most of it unlike Sensor Scan. SS is potentially a lot more powerful however (IIRC-50 is the max debuff for FoMM and -67 for SS)

Also, according to the paser, all borg weapons that fire green are plasma. I was under the impression green beams were disruptors? Yet the parser says everything green is plasma. Which is it, is the log parser correct and I can toss my disruptor hull protection for STFs?
The Borg weapons are Plasma weapons with the exception of the Cutting Beam which is Antiproton. Kinetic weapons are also Plasma (kinetic damage with Plasma DoTs).