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07-13-2012, 09:43 AM
I honestly couldn't ask for a better fleet. I was a Klingon, all alone, with only the occasional drunken Trill for companionship. Then I found TOS Qan Mang. The KDF sister fleet to TAS Veterans, TAS Qan Mang exists to provide a counter to the underhanded Federation tactics used by TOS Veterans. I applied, and I was soon welcomed with open arms into a community of brother and sister warriors renown for their friendly natures and skill with the Bat'leth.

Come seek out TOS Qan Mang, brothers and sisters! Requirements and limitations are few, while the benefits are many! And for you Federation petaQs, I suppose TOS Veterans are honorable enough enemies...
Hi! I used to be JBHemlock. There's already one of those in PWE. I play the Klingon Kerr, but there's already a Kerr in PWE, too. So I'm Gehmor, my Cardassian alt. Just picture me with a plate of gagh.