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07-13-2012, 01:15 PM
Lets be fair here... Cryptic seems to think Federation Cruisers are turtles only. The KDF equivalents to these ships out turn us in every case. So yes the Gal-R and Gal-X have the worst turn-rate. Same as the Odyssey... 6. The Sovy and Star Cruiser both are ahead a whopping 1 Base-Turn-Rate at 7.

The Odyssey makes a better ship because, it has better BOff arrangements. I know someone was wanting to replace the Ens Engineer for a LtCmdr Science... yeah... no. LtCmdr Engineer for LtCmdr Science would be far more appropriate as that would unfairly give the Gal-R two more abilities Try again LOL. If they did switch those two (LtCmdr Sci and Eng) it would probably draw more attention to her, but that's the layout I hope they give the Ambassador.

Why not run:
Cmdr Eng: EPtW 1, RSP 1, EPtS 3, APtSIF 3
LtCmdr Eng: EPtW 1, (Free Power), EPtS 3
Ens Eng: ET 1
Lt Sci: HE 1, TSS 2
Lt Tact: BO 1/HYT 1, FAW 2/BO 2

Not touching Consoles because some people still think a Fed Cruiser needs to turn for some odd reason. If you want to tank/support ditch RFC, RCS, go Armor up, move Assimilated Console to Eng, free up slots for your Shield Cap and Regen.

But regardless. The Science Odyssey is the best Tank in game... So the Gal-R is unfavorable. As an Engineer it makes too much sense, even a Tactical Captain should go this route LOL. Between the Sci-Ody, Excelsior, and Assault Cruiser all of the Fed Cruiser roles are pretty well spoken for in regards to better base turn, better BOff arrangements, the Gal-R just doesn't have anything.