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Originally Posted by mikewendell View Post
Your starbase is in the same sector as K7 I believe but someone will need to check me on that.

The missing DS9 transwarp is a known issue. Works for me but not for a number of people.

I direct you to the search function if you want to search for transwarp but you'll just find people complaining about it.
Yes, the starbase is in same sector as the Sherman's system, but that is a different transwarp destination. As stated by the previous poster, the Transwarp to Starbase ability is contingent on the starbase having upgraded (built) the Transwarp gateway. It took us about a week on Tribble to get to that point. Once the Transwarp gateway is built, the Transwarp to Starbase ability becomes available as a Transwarp destination (i.e., it is no longer greyed out). Until then, it cannot be used.

Note: Once it is active, the Transwarp to Starbase destination is like any other transwarp destination in that it starts a shared cooldown on all Transwarp destinations. However, at least on Tribble, unlike other transwarp destinations, when you transwarp to the starbase, upon leaving, you are returned to your transwarp starting point, not sector block of your Transwarp destination. For instance, if you are in the Sirius Sector Block and transwarp to K7 (Sherman's), when you warp to Sector, you will be in the Eta Eridani sector block. If, on the other hand, you Transwarp to your Starbase, when you exit to Sector space, you will be back in the Sirius Block where you transwarped from. At least, that is the way it worked on Tribble.