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Greetings Captains!

I am pleased to announce an upcoming audio series I am putting together, with the full support of, with whom I am staff writer.

After pitching this to my boss, the green light was given, and Star Trek: Starfinder was born!

I am including the open public link to my basic concept and cast of characters for this upcoming series, the SSR staff as well as open roles ongoing, will lend their voice acting talent and audio FX experience, to try and deliver an original drama set in the STO universe!

The names or details are subject to ongoing evolution creatively, most of the main cast of characters have an actor cast, but many roles will be added before the Pilot is produced, and we will always announce open roles players like yourselves are welcome to audition for, or lend a voice as a guest character!

One of my ideas is also to have the characters make passing or direct references to events, characters, species, that originate in Foundry missions.

An example may be the events of a spotlighted mission could be discussed as news or gossip among crew, perhaps player ship names or Captain names will be mentioned or referred to, etc.

This series will be in a "seasonal" format as close to the Trek series as possible, and could lead to spin offs like the Trek series if well received.

If anyone has any questions about this very ambitious project we are developing, feel free to shoot me an email at, or even my @handle game mail @chooch99. (ignore the A here that's my PWE name )

EDIT/UPDATE: I made many changes to descriptions of the series details and tightened up some information, and removed a spoiler paragraph I had not realized was still there.

A few changes to the cast that i need to update on the bible as support has swept in is as follows:

*The Klingon commander regular is now a sexy, female Klingon voiced by DJ Puddytat of subspace radio.

*Soriedam from Gates of Stovokor is playing her Klingon XO.

*The Romulan XO of Starfinder's name is now Vaihuu.

*There is a new character added.. a female Trill Maco medic, named Corporal Neveera, voiced by DJ Faerie, who this character was raised on earth in Scotland (she the actress has a scottish accent and we decided to use it).

*Pf Dennis of PrimetimeUGC is playing a male ship's Counselor yet to be named.

DJ Jude Connor is now playing the ship's barkeep, "Raffy", a Tellerite.

*I have cast two people who volunteered on this thread, after auditioning, as a secondary Tac office for Starfinder's battle bridge, and the transporter chief.

UPDATE- 10/07/12-

Starfinder's pilot episode "The Back Of Beyond" is in production with episode 2's script under development as well.

Here is a production cast and crew credit sheet for the pilot, each episode will have one as a place to credit voice actors and contributors to the eps.

The only stipulation? It can't be a "silly" ship name like "Enterprize" or "Pwned" etc lol. [/color]

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