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Originally Posted by illyandra View Post
I don't think it would take that extreme of a measure to get the bug fixed, but it is rather annoying when you switch targets only to have the camera stay in the same position as you fight.

I've played games that have no camera control other than what you put in, and they annoyed me to no end. I would prefer my camera stayed on my target so that I can concentrate on the various abilities I can use.
I was just talking to ZERO in the TTS channel, since she's a DEV maybe he get get it checked out and fixed faster then this forum or the ticket i put in.

But then again... there is this: mpire_With_Cryptic_Studios

Apparently there is a lot still broken since closed beta.

EDIT: Changed He's to She's.... apparently the DEV is female and I got a lot of flak for saying HE.

Also learned from the same people that SHE did the voice for Rebecca Simmons at the end of Infected.

Which is kind of cool.

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