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07-13-2012, 08:37 PM
Copy of fleet email attached.

That's right, we have made it to Season 6!

We need to name our starbase. There is a poll going on that ends on Tuesday. Tuesday, I will take the top four and pit them against each other. Full details when I send that link out. Links can be found in our Starbase Holdings tab and in the forum.

You must be a Shadowcat Specialist or higher to contribute to Starbase Projects. This is to protect us from the Fleet Credit farmers. Most of the projects will fill up quickly. What has been a slow spot for us is Fleet Marks; having those in stock will almost always guarantee the ability to contribute.

The Shadowcat Masters have discussed and made a change to our ranking system. Shadowcat Elite used to be automatic at three months. That is no longer the case. While we dropped the minimum requirement to two months, promotion to Shadowcat Elite is now by appointment ONLY. So not everyone will be promoted once they hit the minimum time.

The reason for this is two-fold:
1) We want to be able to reward those who are truly active in the fleet with the ability to have a little more control.
2) We Shadowcat Masters cannot be on all of the time. We need help maintaining our fleet holdings.

So Shadowcat Elites, you will have the ability to plan our upcoming Starbase Projects in the event you see a space open. We are wanting to follow the following plan:
Line 1: Tactical Only
Line 2: Tactical Only
Line 3: Engineering, Science (alternating)

We want to reach our tactical teirs as quick as we can buy Fleet Ships. When it comes to the Special Projects, just pick a random one that uses resources we haven't burned through lately. If you see a Featured Project come up (like the one that gave us windows) put that one in.

Elites, you also have the ability to send fleet emails like this one. However, please clear them with the Shadowcat Masters first.

Abuse of your new powers can and will result in your demotion.

Happy Hunting!
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