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Yeah, I don't get it either. I thought the game's limited tutorials made it clear that torps are effectively useless against shields. . .thus requiring you to have enough DPS to knock the shields down before torpedoing the hull. I personally run 1 dual beam, 2 DHCs, and a quantum torp. Beam Overload is a wonderful move, excellent at taking out shields.
Beam overload III is a bit OP, however as it is available id certainly say use it. For those who want be elite ship killers that is the way to go.

HOWEVER for those who enjoy a slightly slower pace and want a decent alternative.. There is one torpedo boat loadout that actually works,... The romulan special.

Load up with three plasmas and a harp in front or three plasmas and your preferred beam weapon, and two plasma mines in back, and have all your tac consoles pump your plasma projectile damage. Amake sure you have the related boff skills (i like having mine dispersal III, torp spread III, and high yield II ). and go have fun.
This works very well in the heavy escort carrier (use peregrines)

Yes you dont kill things in two seconds.. But you get to watch them rot to death while they still have full shields. You will also be most likely taking most the aggro in pve missions too, fair warning.

Another nice bonus with this setup is that it lets you dump your weapon enrgy into auxilery power.

Oh ya and make sure to have 3 doffs reducing torpedo CDs.