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Originally Posted by rrincy View Post
I dont understand why everyones flying into a rage over the fleet ships costing zen , when by the time the starbase has actually UNLOCKED the ability to purchase those ships , you could easily have grinded enough dilithium to be able to buy it
It's because their lead systems guy said in an interview last week that the Fleet Ships will cost less then the C-Store ships. Because the C-Store ships are an account unlock.

Whereas when Season 6 launched, the Fleet Ships are PER CHARACTER and cost as much as a C-Store ship. THAT is what people are up in arms about. You have 12 characters? Well that's upwards of $240US to equipment them with fleet ships. It's upwards because if you happen to have purchased a C-Store base of a Fleet ship, it will only cost $5. Free/token ships don't count.

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