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Originally Posted by abyssinain View Post
'twice the work'?

I highly doubt you went ahead and grinded ALL that dilithium to get the heavy escort carrier.

Besides, the sheer amount of fleet credits needed to get it will probably rival the dilithium method. Sure dilithium is harder to get and has a cap, but fleet credits don't exactly fall out of the sky like EC, it takes days and days of constant contribution to get anywhere near 20k FCs, and even that is nowhere near the amount needed.

Then add on to the fact that you need to UPGRADE YOUR STARBASE to even get the OPTION to buy it, which will take months in it's own right, and it seems pretty fair to me.

Uhm, no.

If anything, this is showing that cryptic doesn't care just about money, it's giving everyone a fair chance of getting it without even having to grind mindlessly for their store credits. This move shows me that they care about their ENTIRE consumer base, and not just the ones that buys every single one of their pretty expensive ships.
I have to disagree with you there. Cryptic has been slapping us in the face from the start. As a beta tester for STO I was sent an offer to buy the advanced collector's addition. I have the box right in front of me, "This collector's edition grants EXCLUSIVE access to the original Enterprise, as well as EXCLUSIVE access to classic show uniforms". Oxford's describes exclusive as : Excluding some or most, as from membership or participation. Well 2 months into the game the ship & uniforms become C-store items.. wait, what, so I payed for a special collector's edition, showed loyalty by purchasing it before it was even released, but now anyone with a credit card or paypal can buy what was supposed to be my reward for supporting the game before it was even launched. So (I lost the exact numbers from back then) I added it all up and I basically paid $25 Canadian more for a box with a hologram picture and a replica com badge pin. The person that bought a basic copy on release day then paid a small fee two months later to unlock those items sure didn't pay the $85 + tax I did... There were a lot of us both beta & non-beta players that felt really betrayed by that move. Then add to that Cryptic's infamous line "Nothing in the C-store will ever translate into an in-game advantage, all c-store items will strictly be for appearance". Can anyone say Galaxy X Dreadnought, with Cloak & Spinal Phaser. Yeah purely cosmetic, doesn't affect gameplay in the least. So finding out that just around the corner is a bigger, better, badder "fleet" version of this carrier I fell so in love with and bought isn't much of a surprise anymore. I think the whole exclusive deal is a hook and these items come off the drawing board with the intention of either making us pay twice or pay then grind so our "Unique" Items don't get overpowered by their planned follow up releases.