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Originally Posted by pug02 View Post
On the other hand the Operative kit is probably one of the worst kits in the game for STFs. It appears to have something to offer, but I will explain the issue with the kit. The success that people believe they are experiencing is false. Quite often this kit gets you killed faster. Let us examine each of the abilities on the kit:
  1. Ambush III - This is a great skill for those one hard hits to finish off a borg.
  2. Stealth Module III - With the Borg's perception you are not going to get far using this skill and how often do you plan on shooting the borg, while running around cloaked?
  3. Lunge III - Get you right in the middle of those borg. This might seem desirable and could be a great way to reduce damage. BUT: Lunging the Heavy Tactical drone can quite often get you killed very fast by a simple Tactical Drone that now can deal Flank shots.
  4. Battle Strategies III - This is a great Damage increase modifier.
So you have two good skills and two bad skills for STF.
Compare this to the Fire Team kit:
  1. We already looked at Ambush and Battle Strategies.
  2. Supressing Fire III - It reduces the damage the borg does. It is active for 16 seconds and has a 24 second cooldown from the point you start it (8 second gap). The damage reduction effect on the borg that you shoot, lasts between 5 and 9 seconds, depending on your Advanced Tactics skill. With enough skill points you can sustained the damage reduction indefinitely. Combine that with a split beam or the Omega Gun's Secondary fire, and you have a bunch of borg that are not doing as much damage. Imagine two or three Tactical Officer's running this, and stacking damage reduction on the borg. With 3 points in Advanced Tactics you get a 38% decrease in incoming damage. With 5 points you get a 59% decrease in incoming damage. This is almost on par with a dampening field. And it can be sustained!
  3. Plasma Grenade III - This is by no means a useless ability. You will want to know when to use your plasma grenade. It will stun the borg and stop them from shooting at you for up to 10 seconds. This is great for Cure Turrets or Elite Tactical Drones. If you are taking down Armek the slow way, then you will want to avoid using the Plasma grenades. In Infected it will stop the borg from advancing to you when you are drawing them, so wait until they are well in range, and then pop this grenade and you will get some short relief from incoming fire.
Okay, let me point out everything you've said that was wrong or incomplete.

1. Stealth Module can give you a few extra seconds of life if you're trying to rush Infected worker drones.

2. Lunge can get you that extra speed burst you need to save a transformer (or indeed, a teammate), or rush the Infected worker drones.

3. Suppressing Fire. Okay, so that's not so bad.

4. Plasma Grenade. Have you ever heard of the bug where Armek starts backing off when you throw those? It can be LETHAL for a team as the tank is now brought to face the strongest attack he has to offer, and there are likely other instances where similar dangerous events can occur due to the grenade.

To explain my Infected rush from above: Max out your stealth, or if possible Lunge the workers from optimum distance. Try to avoid detection by Borg by maintaining a distance (if not possible, just charge past them). Lunge will NOT break Ambush, and stacking Target Optics and Battle Strategies on top of Ambush will yield a strike so powerful, it may even kill the drones altogether. If not, then you'll PROBABLY last long enough to finish the job. It's also a good idea to have your team drawing the Borg away by any means possible, or at least dampening the damage they can do. Should you die before the drones are gone, your team SHOULD have arrived at the scene (1 extra player and the drones are toast no matter what) to fix the problem, and even wake you up so you can keep dealing damage.

So while you are right that Operative will get you killed more frequently (ouch!), it will also allow for a faster IG optional as your attack punches straight into the heart of the enemy. This differs slightly from Hakaishin's Gal-X build due to the fact that his build is designed to decloak, kill, and recloak, whilst tanking whatever is in the way, whilst my own plan is to get in, kill, and get out IF possible.

Edit: Oh, you covered the main issue with Plasma Grenade already. My bad.
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