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07-14-2012, 04:12 AM
Originally Posted by shantavi View Post
For anyone else who's having the issue, could you check something I noticed..

The mission tracker shows the mission moving to the next stages and giving the current stage's goals, but if I open my log, it *never* changes from the "Go to DS9" stage of the mission. So, it appears the Mission Tracker updates but the mission in the Log doesn't.

Perhaps that knowledge may help the Devs isolate where the bug is.
I noticed the same thing, the in-mission tracker updates, but the main log tracker doesnt update once arriving at ds9 to sync with the mission progress. Im playing as Human Fed so if KDF are experiencing the same issues it may not be faction specific and more down to a signal code for arriving at ds9. Maybe a quick check by a dev into that might solve the issue of mission progression?