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07-14-2012, 07:32 AM
Worst stf experience ever was just now. CSE pug (I know I know), 4 vo'quvs specced out as skittle boats flown by tacs. Bad enough that 1 cube was popped early although the pets and the dps from my armitage managed to salvage things to the point where we popped the second cube.

Thing is, when the neghs started to spawn they come out wielding their latest weapons: Boarding parties, double tapped heavy plasma torps and isometric charges.

Now thanks to the decision making skills (aka lack thereof) of the carrier clowns decided to take the cube first, ignoring the newly increased negh swarms leaving me to try and deal with them alone. My please were ignored and one got close enough to hit the kang.

1 isometric charge later and *boom* goes the kang from full shields and 100% hull. Yes, the kang was one shotted. It wasn't the first time in the game that people were hit for more than 1 million non crit by an isometric charge while fully shielded!

Not kidding. Kang was one shotted.