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Originally Posted by jheinig View Post
Keep in mind that you must organize the isolinear chips in the order of Blue, then Green, then White. If you organize the top and bottoms correctly but put them in the order of Green, then Blue, then White, you will not be able to override the system.

Override, where's the override?
I didn't know about the order bit. The time limit is too short to even play around with it. However even with the wonky spawn point it let me continue on anyway. I scanned the dead body and the mission progressed. Only once did it not do that and I just left the missions and reentered without dropping it.

The EV suit is a nice idea although I don't have on on most of my characters. The one character that did have one it didn't even occur to me to try and put it on since I was trying to frantically do the chip puzzle.

I like the idea of this puzzle, The time limit is just too prohibitive to realistically complete without practice. To my knowledge this is the first time this kid of puzzle has even appeared.
This thread needs more dancing girls.

Master using it and you can have this!

Be black on the right side. Add properly colored Cheron to the game today!