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07-14-2012, 08:10 AM
Don't know if anyone here has ever watched Stargate, but I've found that Jaffa names make excellent additions to Klingon names:

- Bra'tac
- Drey'auc (female)
- Gerak (possibly used for a Cardassian if you don't want Garak coming after you)
- Haikon
- Herak
- Ishta (female)
- Ka'lel (female)
- Rak'nor
- Rya'c
- Yat'Yir (could maybe work for a Gorn too)

Some Goa'uld names I can also see working for Romulan characters too:

- Amonet / Amaunet
- Camulus
- Cronus
- Hathor
- Heru-ur (possibly Klingon)
- Klorel (also Klingon)
- Nirrti (also Klingon)
- Osiris
- Tanith

Could use Netan (Lucian Alliance Leader) for a Nausicaan too. I've also got a Gorn named Selmak.

Edit: I've just noticed this thread hasn't been posted in since 2011, so apologies for resurrecting it.

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