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# 6 FIX: Options --> HUD
07-14-2012, 10:37 AM
Agreed it was silly to change the defaults and it REALLY PISSED ME OFF, as I'd fly into a group of 3 frigates only to find myself bombarded by invisible enemies shooting at me that I couldn't target because I couldn't see them to click on them. Stupid, stupid decision to change the defaults.

Hit [Esc].
Click [Options].
Scroll to the right, to [HUD] tab.
Scroll down to [Enemy NPCs] and [Friendly NPCs].
Set [Show Enemy Mine and Fighter Names, Life, Reticle] and [Show Friendly Mine and Fighter Names, Life, Reticle] to [Always]. Click [Apply] {!} (I think there was a bug where only clicking [Ok] didn't actually apply the setting or it later forgot the setting; don't know whether it's fixed yet or not), THEN click [Ok].

This should resolve your issue, I think?