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The monkeys are cannon, so it's not that surprising.

My question is.. who really cares about non-combat pets anyway? Does that really provide a "reward" for 800 days? Non-combat pets are clutter at best -- when I see someone running around with one, my first and only thought is.. "dork. put that away, it's silly."

Combat "pets" have a purpose, non-combat pets do not. I suppose if this was REALLY an MMO rather than a single-player game with always-on multi-player features and a chat room where players had to interact in (virtual) person - that is -- hail each other directly in space (maybe via fleet, team, friend list only) otherwise only interact when in "local" range -- people would actually pay attention to the avatars. as it is, no one does (or at least most do not) and therefore pets are a waste of time.

Repeat: Cryptic, you are wasting your time with non-combat pets. Please use your designer/developer time to do something useful. You guys are doing a good job, but instead of an item that 99% of players will stuff in their bank and never use (or use only once just to see it), make it have a purpose or don't make it at all.

STO is a fun enough game and when I read the release notes, I'm usually pleased at all the fixes, but things like non-combat pets are so pointless as to be laughable... even if they didn't run away until an enemy shot at them (so at least they draw fire).. something, anything, useful... otherwise, you could have used the time fixing a bug or scoping a new interesting (useful) feature, building a new episode...
Yeah, and remind me what the point of the delta flyer pet was again?? Ohh right, NOTHING... Now, if it, for instance, helped in combat by drawing some aggro away from you or actually took a few STEALTHy potshots in the direction of a downed shield to help you out, that would certainly be useful. But I agree that non-combat pets are STUPID. There is no point to them and they merely clutter the bank or inventory. This isn't WoW... We don't need dancing monkies or un-useful things cluttering it up. As the prior poster says, concentrate your creative energy on giving us the things we as players WANT. We DON'T WANT things that DON'T HELP US in-game. Dancing monkies count under the 'NON-HELPFUL in-game' category and are thus completely superfluous. I'd rather have dilithium, C-poi-- Z-points, whatever. A cr@p ton off fleet marks. Maybe a master key once a month along with the stipend. something that shows that you actually want to make my gameplay experience better, rather than simply giving flashy pieces of nothing that in no way benefit me as a player.