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# 66 friday 13 event = fail.....again
07-14-2012, 12:47 PM
Originally Posted by th3gr4ndnagu5 View Post
Thats cool, but like I said: you guys really need to let this event last the entire weekend. The upside is more of your players get to play it. The downside is...nothing. But hey, I guess this fits in with the other time gated stuff...
that sucked the even could not of run until 11pm on Saturday.....i do not know about you guys , but i work for a living and it is unrealistic to have a mission start on Thursday until 6 am Saturday morning... it questions the common sense factor down at Cryptic....I guess another fail can already be added to the long list of short comings and incompetent service we are accustomed to receiving on a steady basis since PWE has taken charge.

Cryptic's back bone and customer service / common sense has fallen off the sensors.

quickly lets get rid of the new content fast before the majority can play it