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Today I felt the urge to finally buy an Armitage. It's a beautiful ship, after all, and as a flight deck escort, it is possibly an escort that I could tolerate to command.

So I went to the PWE site to buy a few ZEN. What, no option to draw the money directly from my bank account, as Cryptic did just 4 weeks ago when I bought my LTS? Ah, but credit cards, VISA and Mastercard. Fine, fine. Just enter the credit card info and... Sigh. Why does it not accept... ah, typo. Still not accept? Ah, VISA is predefined, while I use MC. Okay. now... what's broken now? They want me to set up another password? Just for dealing with a third party that I barely know and that then stores my credit card info? Okay. No money spent here today. Your loss, guys.

If you want my money: Get back the direct drawing from the bank account that is common usage in Europe - every single online dealer with at least some dignity uses it over here.

Or accept my credit card info without having someone else story data about me. I do business with you, so you can keep some information required for the transaction. But no third parties. That looks not only fishy, but also is terribly uncomfortable to use.

This is direct user and customer feedback for the payment system. I have no questions, I do not want to discuss it, I don't even want to listen to any well-meant "it is for your security" advice or whatever. I just want to tell PWE how they today did not earn money from me, possibly pointing them into the direction where they might get money from me again. Read it, payment people at PWE, understand it, and then earn your salary by drawing whatever conclusion seems appropriate to you.
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