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07-14-2012, 01:10 PM
The game 'should' be soloable easily, so if you are having a hard time, there might be something wrong with your build. Also, make sure that your friend is matching level with you (he should be matching down instead of you matching up). Look at the level of the enemies you are fighting. If there is a red number on their avatar when you target them, that means they are higher level than you. If your friend is not matched correctly to your level, the enemies will spawn at his level which sounds like is a lot higher than yours.

Also, have you been promoted and gotten your new ship? You should be getting a new ship when you hit a new rank (Lt. commander, Commander, Captain, etc). Continuing on in your starter ship would be very difficult.

Also, do you have all your bridge officer seats filled? Make sure you have a tac, engineer, and science bridge officer in the appropriate slots. Check to make sure they the abilities that you want. If you are having trouble surviving, you might want to consider training your engineer with "Emergency power to shields", and your science officer in "Science team" or "Hazard emitters".

Also, if you received a new ship, make sure your power levels are set properly. New ships come with the power levels set at "balanced" as a default. You need to change it to "Attack" mode.

Also, make sure you are geared appropriately. You don't have to have the purple very rare gear, but at least have the right Mark level for your level. For Lieutenant rank, you will have mark I and II gear. For Lt Cmdr, you should be using mark III and IV. For Commander, you should be using mark V and VI. Even plain common ones of the right mark are better than ones of lesser mark.

If you post more info, we can probably give better advice. Also, you might want to consider joining a fleet. They can be very helpful for new players.
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