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07-14-2012, 01:24 PM
Romulans are trickier than Klingons (I'd argue the trickiest of the enemy types, but its debatable), and as the game progresses the enemies more and more 'suggest' you better manage your bridge officer powers to counter the stuff they're doing. Sadly the game doesn't have much in the way of documentation to tell you what sorts of things you need, just drops you in the deep end and encourages you to brute-force your way through the game and learn some bad habits along the way.

When dealing with Romulans you mostly have two problems, but they're both quite solvable. The first is the buff stacking on Mogai escorts, but your Subnucleonic Beam can strip their buffs, then you just pick a facing and concentrate your fire. The second is the tractor-beam + torpedo combo of the D'deridex. Polarize Hull 1 (don't waste your slots on a higher level version) or Attack Pattern Omega will get you out of the tractor beam hold, then Beam Fire At Will or Cannon Scatter Volley (among others, but they're the easiest) for clearing the high-yield torpedoes, and Hazard Emitters (a sci's best hull heal) will put out the plasma fires and hull damage of any torps that do get through. Then stay in the side arcs as much as possible (so he can't use torps or Viral Matrix, which isn't that bad but is obnoxious) and just pound away.

Generally, that you're on the forums asking questions and looking around is a good thing. Everyone was new once, and most people here like to help. Look around at various ship builds on the forums, and even if it isn't your ship look at what powers and tactics get used again and again and again, then design your own from there. This includes the PVP section, even if you don't plan on ever PVPing, as they know how to build ships for curb stomps. Also go to and use that tool to plan out your final build ahead of time, so you don't end up with akward leftover points or come up short on a power you want.

Good luck.