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07-14-2012, 04:29 PM
Actually, the problem is that the Fleet ships cost 'more' than C-store ships. Not only do you need the modules, but you also need the Fleet credits as well (something C-store ships do not).

Ideally, what they should of done is set the ships to require 2-3 modules, but only 1 if you own the C-store ship (as it is now). Having the ships require all the effort to unlock them, the fleet credits 'and' cost the same as an account unlock ship is madness.

The other huge issue is that they have bloated the top tier ships so much that adding new ships in the future, or even new tiers of ships is going to cause major anger in the community by those that spent money on ships. They've been far too focused on short term objectives and not looked at how this will effect the ship tier system in the longterm.

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