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It would be a useful way of getting rid of any pesky Birds of Prey flying underneath you.

It should be a battle ender though. Not something you wanna do with friends around. Make it like a mine, and have it detonate on command...after you've gotten clear.

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should lose all energy weapons, full impulse, emergency power to shields and most buffing abilities, but still be able to fire torps and move around on limited impulse.

then we could all sit outside your firing range and laugh at the fact that you'll be mostly useless until we kill you.

you'd be like the "none shall pass" guy on monty python after "king arthur" cut off his arms and legs.

"come back here, I'll bite your leg off"

sounds like good times for everyone else, not sure it would benefit you at all.
Star Trek Insurrection.

The Enterprise-E merked, Ruafo's command ship after they had ejected the core.

No core, still dangerous.
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Ok, be aware that the warp core actually contains very little antimatter. Ejecting the core is an emergency procedure to save the ship from an uncontrolled reaction with all the fuel on board. It is NOT, repeat NOT a weapon.
This is true. It does however contain lots of warp plasma, and a containment breach of the core alone still causes a hell of a blast. Again see Star Trek Insurrection, enough juice to seal a subspace tear. Not to mention push a ship past the light speed barrier when pumped through warp coils.
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Ok, a little engineering for you all.

There are two fuel supplies on a starship, deuterium (matter) and antimatter. They are stored outside of Engineering, and piped to the warp core in controlled streams.

They are mixed together in the Warp Core, the reaction of annihilating matter and antimatter generating energy. This energy is modulated by the dilithium crystals, then transfrerred to the ship's systems via the EPS (Electro Plasma System) conduits.

In the event of a core breach, the matter and antimatter in the core will escape into the compartment, and the uncontrolled reaction would cause the generation of energy there, instead of in the core. Even in the event the matter and antimatter streams are shut down, the amount of reactants in the core would destroy the engineering section, at least. In that event, the storage tanks would likely be ruptured, and THIS is what would destroy the ship (and cause damage to nearby ships).

In short, the amount of reactant in the core at the time of ejection would be minimal. It would not be enough to damage a ship through its shields. It is not a weapon.
Nope. The warp plasma is more than enough to destroy the ship by itself.

That said, standard procedure for ejecting a warp core normally in a magnetic containment breach scenario calls for ejecting the anti-matter pods too.
Yes I support This

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