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07-14-2012, 06:58 PM
Originally Posted by xiphilinus View Post
I have a problem. The email I used for this account no longer exists, therefore when I send an email to that address it goes into oblivion. As a result I can not change my email one this account which result in the inability of me getting this One Time Account Verification Code. My current address is the same name but at Cause I've discovered how much sucks.
Ok, I just had the same issue: my email no longer existed and you know the rest... oblivion. However I do have a solution for you it worked for me.

First go to "My Account" check to see what email your linked to.

Once you got that, copy your email address and go to whichever site you created your email.

Then you create a brand new account on that site.

This is the important part: past the email from "My Account" when you are creating the new email.

Trust me this trick works, I too had the same issue with my email address.

Hope this works