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07-15-2012, 03:45 AM
I run a Guramba w/ 2 (front facing) Quantums, 2 Quantum consoles, and 3 Purples PWOs. I've swapped off and tried a photon setup under the same circumstances. The Quantums generally perform better because they hit harder w/ Torp Spread & High Yield, which makes up a significant portion of your damage. The "white" damage is generally pretty similar, Photon damage is a little more stable and less prone to variance, while Quantum damage has a higher potential overall but can dip low on particularly unlucky runs. Both options are actually very stable, and the variance of total damage is only a 3-4% spread at most.

The real question is would the added damage (from using Photon consoles) on the Photon Point Defense system be enough to outweigh the advantages of Quantum's hitting harder w/ BO abilities. I tend to think that would be highly dependent on how opportune you are with it, but I suspect the Quantums would win out the majority of the time simply because of the 3 minute cool down on that console.

Without the Photon Point Defense system, Quantums definitely come out ahead though... assuming you have 3 Purple PWOs and are using a couple Torpedo BO abilities.

But, to be perfectly honest.. both options are extremely viable and the total damage difference is not going to be significant enough that it's going to matter in most scenarios (most likey a few hundred DPS). If I were going to run a Armitage, I'd probably go with Photons just because it's a significantly cheaper setup.

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