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Originally Posted by commadorebob View Post
Look, there is nothing against you guys. In fact, the reason we promoted people to Shadowcat Elite was because we trusted them to do the job fairly. But in the end, we want to leave the major powers in the hands of the Masters.

This fleet is extraordinarily open. We provide the benefits of being in a fleet without the attendance and participation requirements other fleets have. We don't care if you log on to run three STFs in a row or just sit in front of the fire for three hours.

But that being said, promotions out of Initiate are only automatic in that it gives us a week to evaluate people. If they do nothing but whine and complain, we will most likely just boot them from the fleet. But if they contribute, then we will promote them to Specialist when they are due.

The reason we are not giving Elites promotion powers is we don't need people getting into arguments and Elite players using their power to boot people. While I cannot speak for the other Masters, I am very slow to anger. I will not simply boot people from the fleet unless they are being a continuing problem and even then it will only be after discussing it with the other Masters and giving that person a chance to correct their behavior. We want those in charge of promotions to be those who will do it with objectivity.

Believe it or not, but I was the originator of the "promote to Elite" idea. After discussing it with Alecto, we agreed how it should be handled and we moved forward. While I only had one individual in mind, Alecto suggested we promote several trusted specialists. But the entire thinking behind this was to simply give the Elites the ability to keep the Starbase Holdings organized. That's it.

We did not promote to Elite in order to allow them to run the fleet. We just needed their help to keep the fleet moving forward in the event the Masters were offline. We provided some nice benefits to go along with the rank, but you were promoted to help us. You are similar to executive assistants. We pay you well, but your entire purpose is to help out the bosses. We still run things.

There may come a time when we decide that certain Elites are worthy of joining the Masters. But it will not be anytime soon. We already have ten Masters. Five of them formed the fleet. Four of us are trusted, long-term STO veterans. And then there is Brandon who, with dev powers, could make himself supreme ruler if he wanted to.

As we get to know you we will be able to judge your character better and we may add you to the level of Master. But it will take time. We need to ensure all of our fleet leaders are of a certain moral quality so that the fleet prospers.

This ends my soapbox. It is a pleasure to serve with you cats. And I hope my reasoning is a little more clear.
That's very clear and I'm fine with it. I wasn't upset, just saying that if that's what you want to do, it's fine with me, I just wanted to know my role, and now I do.

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I am retired from STO. By the way, hindsight is 20/20.
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