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07-15-2012, 08:00 AM
Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
I think you missed a few things.

1) Aquarius Base Turn = 16 vs. Hegh'ta Base Turn = 21
2) Hegh'ta gets innate Enhanced Battle Cloak vs. Aquarius gets Nothing
3) Aquarius Shield Mod = 0.66 (regular) & 0.72 (Fleet) vs. RA Hegh'ta Shield Mod 0.8
4) Hegh'ta completely universal BOFF stations including Commander & Lt Commander vs. Aquarius with Uni Lt & Ensign.
5) Hegh'ta 120k dilithium or free choice at level up vs. Aquarius at 2K Z points and T4 Fleet Shipyard.

The Aquarius is a Hegh'ta with no battle cloak and no special ability at all with even less shields than the Hegh'ta and less turn rate than a Defiant - much less a Hegh'ta.

Enhanced battle cloak, which grants both an offense bonus as well as a defense tool to compensate for poor survivability is no where to be found on this ship, nor is any equivalent ability of comparable power.

The design of this ship fails on multiple levels, on top of that it costs 2k Z points for ONE character and requires a T4 Fleet ship yard!
Just when I was about to call all of you thinking about getting this ship a complete and total flock of morons, ussultimatum does it for me, just a bit more polite than I'd have been.

So, I'll just go on record to say... ultimatum's right, and those of you praising/considering this ship are morons. Truth does not need to be polite.