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07-15-2012, 09:52 AM
I have not been playing forever but I notice since I have started that any glitch that favors a player is squashed fast while others, even in the same instance, are ignored. Cure Ground is a perfect example. Players found a way to kill the boss without him noticing they were there and now little force bubbles will pop up and push you out of the blind spot. But before you can get to the force bubbles that push you into orbital strikes, you have to get past the Borg at the nodes around the turrets, you know... the ones you only have 15 minutes to disarm... that you can knock back +22 with your MK XII pulsewave that you had to grind for the rare drop for them to only fold space and appear right back at the node before you can even fire a second shot. Not only that, they can stand up at the spot you knocked them to and not be disengaged from killing your node nor interrupted meaning that the whole time they were laying on the ground, getting back up, and failing to fold space via above mentioned bug to get back where they were, they were still killing your node. I have filed many many many bug notices via the bug interface in the game for a long time. 6 months later, every single one of them is still there. I made an alt and went back to the missions. The bugs that griped me the most were just as alive and well today as they were then.

Before I get called ungrateful or anything, I do realize there is a lot of code in that game and the devs work hard on keeping things going, in line with the IPO as much as possible, and do their best to make it a great game. But the accounting devs get more input than the coding devs it seems. Gotta fix any issues with lockboxes and other micro (lol if you can call some of the prices micro) transactions before anything else. And no, I don't play for free so they don't depend on me buying keys to get money from me. I pay a sub in hopes that money goes to devs so that the game gets better. Of course, keys probably have better income than subs so the accounting devs win again. Sell a toon costume t-shirt for off-duty or something with a smashed bug on it and make it so that all proceeds can go into a voluntary over-time fund for the devs to be able to 1) make some overtime and 2) fix bugs. That way the accounting devs are delighted because they can sell something else PLUS they don't have to pay for over-time because we pay for it through the toon shirt drive. Hey, it works for little leagues. Why not here? Or a candy bar sounds good too. Just no candles. I have to buy those from nieces in school things too often.