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Originally Posted by gong1fu1panda View Post
Or...or... they just do it the easy way and you switch it off when you hear it. It is still better than having nothing.
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No offense but if that was true, voiceovers would be asked for at the same level as mobile device support and ship customization.

edit: I like that idea as well and I believe it;s been mentioned a couple of times that we have quite a lot of unsed voice over work that we have installed but never used but I don't think it;s going to happen. Hiring a voice actor, who by the way would most likely be union, is just the start. You're also looking at tech time, studio time, etc. Plus if you're having them fill some sort of canon position, I;m sure there would be licensing as well.
Exactly, this isn't even the tip of the iceberg. Speaking as someone who has met over 2 dozen professional voice actors (even forming personal relationships with a few of them), I've learned quite a few things about what it takes just to add voices into the game, and how demanding a voice director can be before he decided which take was "perfect".
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