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07-15-2012, 01:14 PM
I would say utilize it more of a true healer/CC than any of the hybrid dps builds out there for science vessels. The Recon SV would get more use out of using doffs to run just one EP2SII since it leans more towards Tachyon+Torps, and the Research SV has the Lt. Comm engi station to cycle through EP2SIII, so you won't out-dps or out-tank those, respectively. Hence, healer/CC to get the most power out of your five science consoles while leaving dps to be the last thing you worry about. I'd say two DBBs up front, turrets in the back, and the torpedo up to what you fancy: transphasic's changes makes it somewhat more viable now, and a chroniton spread could help slow down an entire mob.

Think of the DSSV as an agile, hangar-sans version of the Atrox, but it might actually have more overall power than the Atrox in the end. You can still run a more powerful Tachyon than the Recon SV, even if the latter will deal more torpedo damage, and five particle generators in your science console slots could mean a nice 17k kinetic damage before any buffs to your PSWIII.

It all really just depends on what you want to do with your ship. If you fly the Atrox I'm going to assume that dps is the last thing in your mind, so flying the DSSV as an area-denial/debuff/healer extraordinaire might be right up your alley.