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07-15-2012, 01:32 PM
Originally Posted by caelenbengal View Post
Thanks again everyone for the help! I will be going with the odyssey pack. All three consoles or bust ^^

The big decision factor was my captain rank ship. I decided to give the big Exploration Cruiser a try (love the Galaxy class anyway). Combined with the Point Defense from the Thunderchild and the Antimatter Spread from the Venture, it's a beast. I enjoy it much more than I did the Thunderchild, so cruiser will be what I go for. The Odyssey's separation console just makes it even better.
one more tidbit when you seperate and have the antimatter spread console your oddy saucer will use that ability sometimes right out of the gate it can give enemies a hard time if ya pop em twice with that very underrated console. i honestly don't know why more people use it?